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Helping people reach their optimal health has always been my dream. Figuring out the medium to achieve that was the difficult part. When I discovered naturopathic medicine, I knew immediately that I had found a way to achieve my primary goal in life. I attended SCNM, where I earned a ND in 2015 and received my license. Upon starting work at the National Laser Institute in 2016, I adopted over 200 bio-identical hormone replacement therapy patients (BHRT). The biochemistry behind hormone balancing intrigued me and the huge improvements it had on patients’ quality of life was motivating. I knew this was the field in which I wanted to become an expert.

Hormone Fitness represents my mission. I seek to convey a sense of lifestyle medicine. My goal for patients is to give them back their energy which will in turn give them the space to be fit and healthy. I firmly believe that individualized healthcare does not need to follow a prescribed inflexible methodology. I believe health care can be personalized easily. Everyone deserves to feel that they are not just another number or formula to be misunderstood or unheard; health is personal and begins at very basic levels – no one should feel lost in the complicated jargon and systematized approach to medicine and wellbeing. Personalized healthcare can be simple and efficient; what I offer is a straightforward approach to personalized medicine. I see the individual and hear their simple needs.

More About Me

I use an integrated approach in my practice. Prescribing a medication to treat a symptom so a patient can feel better while we work on fixing the real problem is sometimes a solution that gives patients authority over their own wellness. Most times people feel so terrible they cannot begin to imagine doing the basics i.e exercising, sleeping, drinking water, eating clean. A conventional doctor would just give them medication and a typical naturopath would give them herbs and prescribe a lifestyle change that they would not be ready to execute, and then patients get discouraged and quit everything. I give the medication to create a bridge to sustainable change.

Hormone Fitness provides a voice to the patient and a path for wellbeing that starts from personalized, simplified, and foundational approaches. Rather than feeling lost in complications, or hopeless in their unique problems, my patients know that I sincerely care for them and that I can provide them with a clear path to wellbeing based on their needs, desires, and current lifestyle. I grow their health with them.

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